Introducing Pets To A New Baby January 12 2018

Throughout your pregnancy your animal should have sensed that something is going on, picking up on the excitement and nervous energy. Your pet mirrors your emotions so it's important when bringing home your baby the dog or cat is well behaved and calm. 

It is recommended that you bring home the baby's scent first like a blanket or other item the baby has used. Allow the animal to sniff the item establishing that the scent belongs to you. 

When introducing the pet and baby the pet should be allowed to sniff the baby but not too close. As the familiarity and trust is built there should not be a problem with the pet getting closer. The animal should respect the baby as it does you. 

 Trust your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable with the pet around your baby yet, set up clear boundaries, don't allow the animal in the nursery or play area. Sometimes animals just like people need time to adjust. Always put your child's safety first and do what's right for your family.