Postpartum Essentials November 17 2015

old navy maternity nursing tank topCongratulations you're a new mom!  Baby isn't the only who will need taking care of. Prepare yourself for postpartum with some essential supplies. Bump Glow Maternity has your pregnancy and postpartum needs covered 

 Nursing Bras quick access nursing and sleep bras will make nursing or pumping a smoother and more comfortable process

Nursing Pajamas  are going to be more comfortable and provide an easier more convenient nursing experience

Nursing Pads slip inside your bra to help prevent leaks. Many nursing bras have inner slings to help keep the pads in place. 

A nursing pillow gives your arms a rest and supports your  baby . Look for one with firm sides to prevent baby from sinking down

Your nipples will get sore from nursing so many times a day. A nipple cream will provide some relief from the dryness and chapping

You'll want to have maxi pads on hand for the weeks after having your baby

Witch hazel pads are made to help relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids which can occur from pushing during labor. They are also great for soothing any burning or itching

You'll be sore from giving birth and a numbing spray will help provide some relief and also help you heal