What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag May 10 2015

gap maternity nursing tee shirtDon't wait until you are in labor to pack your bag! This is a list of items you may need during labor, delivery or after birth

Socks or slippers: Hospital floors are cold, bring slippers or socks for walking around your room or down the hall

Bathrobe: Bring a warm one that easily opens in the front

Nurisng bra or tank: Even if you aren't breastfeeding, a nursing bra provides extra protection and support

Nursing pads: These will absorb leaks and prevent nipple cream from getting on your nursing tanks or bras

Coming home outfit for you: Bring loose comfy clothes, yoga pants, leggings  and a tee or nursing top It's recommended to bring clothes that fit when you were 6 months pregnant

Underwear: The hospital will provide you with some disposable pairs and some moms hate or love them, but you may want to bring your own comfy pair that you can throw away

Pajamas: Button up or nursing pajamas if you plan to nurse

Nipple cream:  For your nipples chapping, cracking, and bleeding when breastfeeding

Bring your own pillow so you can sleep comfortably

A nursing pillow will provide arm support whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding

Toiletries and chapstick