Essentials For The New Mama April 12 2015

Prepare for baby by having these essentials before your little one arrives.

Nursing pillow  Make nursing more comfortable and supportive for you and baby with a nursing pillow which will raise your baby up to help baby latch. Nursing pillows can also be used for bottle feedings. Most nursing pillows have removable covers making cleaning easier.

Diaper bag There are many types of diaper bags. A bag with a cross body strap or option to turn into a sling or backpack is recommended. Look for a bag with sides pockets for easy access to bottles, pacifiers, keys and your phone. Bags with a roomy interior are best for keeping extra outfits and baby supplies. 

Nursing sleep bra The stretchy soft cotton will provide comfort while sleeping and the pull-down, crossover design  will make nighttime feedings and pumping easier,

Baby sling  Also referred to as baby wearing, having baby in a sling conveniently keeps your arms free and baby close allowing you to bond while doing other things and most baby carriers provide discreet breastfeeding. Always read the directions with any baby carrier to ensure you are wearing your baby properly.

Breast pads Protect your clothes from wet spots with nursing pads that slip into your bra and absorb any leakage. Throw your reusable breast pads into the wash to save money and have on hand for future feedings.