Your Guide To Maternity & Nursing Bras March 05 2015

motherhood maternity nursing braWith all of the changes your breasts are going through, you can go up one or two cup sizes, you want a bra that is designed to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy and provide convenient access while breastfeeding.

Follow these tips from the baby center to find out when you should make the switch, and how to find the right bra for you.

When to make the switch

When you take off your bra and see indentations where the band and straps were, your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, or your bra feels too snug, it is time to purchase a new one. Purchasing a nursing bra is recommended during the third trimester when you are closer to the size you will be when you are actually breastfeeding.

The right bra for you

Maternity and nursing bras feature wider straps, a soft cotton lining, and extra hooks and eyes on the band offer support and comfort. Usually these bras do not have underwire as it feels more uncomfortable. The difference between maternity and nursing bras is the clasp or panel for easy access to breastfeeding. You may choose a nursing bra to wear during pregnancy, make sure you buy a bra that leaves some room for your breasts to grow. If your breasts are bigger than DD's, go with a bra with straps that are at least an inch wide at the shoulders.

Worried about an underwire bra causing clogged ducts? there is no real evidence that underwire bras are linked to lactation problems. Sleep bras are usually made from a very soft fabric and have a cross over front design that provides easy breast access. They do not provide enough support for day time wearing for moms with larger breasts.

Your goal should be to find a nursing bra that gives you good support and feels comfortable. Bump Glow Maternity provides a selection of nursing & sleep bras in different styles from your favorite brands.